Willow Park School has 8 science classes in 1st Year. These classes are preparing for the Junior Certificate examination in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and SPHE.  The classes use the science textbook Science Matters and accompanying workbooks.  They cover a wide range of the chapters in this book in their first year, before they continue into Blackrock College. The science teachers in Willow Park are Alan Rogan, Fiona Keary and Daniel O’Neill.

The Following Topics are Covered in 1st Year Science & SPHE(RSE):

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1.  Living Things

2.  The Cell

3.  The Circulatory System – (Healthy Living SPHE)

4.  The Reproductive System and Genetics – (RSE)

5.  Plant Structure and Transport

6.  Photosynthesis and Tropisms

7.  Plant Reproduction


1.  Materials

2.  Elements, Compounds and Mixtures

3.  Solutions

4.  Separating Substances

5.  Acids and Bases


1.  Measurements and Units

2.  Area, Volume, Density, Speed, Velocity and Acceleration

3.  Energy

4.  Heat