Willow Wheelers


Cycling each Sunday during term: 10 a.m. Willow Park.
New Cyclists, from Willow or Blackrock, should collect an application from from Mr McDaid and return it before cycling. Turn up in you cycling gear on Sunday; there are no changing facilities.

Check your bike and gear before cycling

HELMET – No helmet no cycle
GLOVES – avoid very sore cuts on the palm of your hands from small falls.
GLASSES – Keep Sun, Dust and Bugs out of your eyes!

Proper cycling gear is recommended. Jeans, jackets, scarves, woolly jumpers etc are useless!
Cycling gear offers the following advantages: reduced wind resistance, less friction with your skin and padded shorts are comfortable on racing saddles
These are many options,but to get started cycling jersey and cycling shorts (lycra) are essential. A rain jacket, or wind-cheater that you can roll up and put in your pocket is very useful, it is best to get one designed for cycling.
Cycling shoes are optional, but recommended. Shop around, get advice: there are many types.

Tyres pumped hard (to avoid punctures). Many racing bikes should be pumped to 100-120psi. Check the max pressure written on the side wall of your tyre and pump your tyre to that pressure. A “track” pump with a pressure gauge is a good investment, however they are too big to bring cycling, so get a good pump for your bike also. Pump your tyres EVERY WEEK before cycling. You will find that the tyres will lose up to 40 psi during a week, especially older tyres.
Oil the chain and gears. Don’t overdo it though, too much out just picks up dirt from the road. Just a thin film of oil is all that is needed.
Good state of repair.
Note: You are responsible for your own bike maintenance. It is not the responsibility of the adults on the cycles (unless one of them is your dad  Check your bike out before turning up at the school.
Lock – Not too heavy. But not too flimsy either.
Road bikes (racing bikes) are best. Dropped or straight handlebars (dropped is best if you have no preference). BMX, Mountain, hybrid or suspension bikes are inappropriate. They are too heavy and not suited to long distances. You don’t need a super-expensive carbon fiber bike, just a basic entry model is fine. Good gearing is essential for hills.

2 tubes, check they are the correct size for your bike.
Bike multi-tool (Allen keys, screwdriver etc.) Note, make sure you have appropriate tools; don’t expect other people to have tools to fit your bike. Your bike shop will advise.l

Food and Water
Water is essential
Bananas, muesli bars etc are good for energy along the way.