Art, Craft and Design provide a unique part of the education of the whole person, through heart, head and hand, enabling the person to shape his or her world with discernment, and to understand and Art, Craft and Design appreciate the work of others. The benefits of an education in Art, Craft and Design for the student at this developmental stage extend far beyond a competence in the subject itself (and the ability to apply it through life). Art, Craft and Design education develops a number of important personal qualities, particularly those of initiative, perseverance, sensibility and self-reliance. 

In the first year of the Junior Cycle, students explore drawing, painting, sculpture, poster making and art history. Alongside these techniques students develop an understanding of problem solving, perseverance, idea development and visual self-expression. In the class room we aim to  reinforce student confidence, explore personal identity and develop a critical understanding of the world we live in.  This foundation is beneficial for all students particularly those who wish to study Art, Craft and Design for Junior Cert. 

Student Self Portraits