Willow Park is a Catholic Spiritan school and as such our Mission and Ethos Statement, rooted in the charisms of the Holy Ghost founders and in the Gospel, is regarded as our most important school policy, the spirit of which permeates all other policies.

As the Third member of the Trinity, it is the Holy Spirit to whom we pray for counsel and guidance and it is He who inspires us and inflames our hearts with love for all those we encounter and for all those placed in our care.

The success of the school is determined by the degree to which we, in the spirit of our school Mission and Ethos statement, and in carrying out our Pastoral Care and Guidance Policy, create a safe learning environment (of the larger family) in which each member of the school community feels recognised, valued and empowered to achieve their highest standards of personal excellence (spiritual, moral, social, academic, sporting etc.)

United in one heart and spirit (cor unum et anima una) we, as a Holy Ghost school community are passionately committed, with courage an conviction, with faith and strength (fides et robur) to employ every provision possible to ensure that no-one “falls though the gaps” .

“As the members of the human body , though they are many , form one body, so also are the faithful in Christ….There is only one Spirit who, according to His own richness and the needs of the ministries, gives His different gifts for the welfare of the community. Giving the body unity…this same Spirit produces and urges love among the believers. For all this it follows that if one member endures anything, all the members co-endure it, and if one member is honoured, all the members together rejoice” (Lumen Gentium 1:56-59)