There are three fundamental school rules:
(1) Be Caring
(2) Be There (present at whatever activity is scheduled – on time)
(3) Be Truthful

” Good conduct is expected at all times not only in school but also in the surrounding area.
” A boy’s conduct should always be courteous and governed by consideration for others.
” A pupil, or a pupil party to a group, who brings the school community into disrepute whilst under the jurisdiction of the school , is subject to sanction. Sanctions such as detention or suspension will be imposed for serious offences – proportionate to the offence committed.
” Further, the school authorities reserve the right to resign the charge of a pupil for persistent idleness, violation of school rules or for any other reason judged by them to be in the interest of the common good.

Each pupil is entitled to an education free from fear and intimidation.
Bullying is not tolerated in this school.

” Possession of alcohol or illegal substances is prohibited while engaged in any school or school related activity. Failure to observe this regulation may lead to the school resigning the charge of a pupil.
” Smoking is seriously injurious to health and is forbidden within the school buildings and precincts. (with the exception of designated areas) Breach of this regulation will incur external suspension.
” Chewing gum is forbidden within the school
” Mobile phones, MP3 players etc.or such like are prohibited in classrooms, on the corridors and during formal school activities. Any misuse of these appliances will result in their confiscation until the end of term.
” Absence from class without permission or the display of an uncaring attitude towards any member of the school community, or towards its property is unacceptable. Breach of this regulation will incur suspension.

In the event of absence from school, a pupil is required, on the day of his return, to bring an explanatory letter from home signed by parent or guardian.

Cyclists are strongly recommended to wear cycling helmets – at night, a light and reflectors should be used.

1. Application Cards give an individual teacher’s assessment of the EFFORT made by a pupil during that week. The mark given is an indication of the quality of the class work, homework and co-operation of pupil.
2. Progress Cards are marked every four/five weeks. The marks based on class tests/assessments indicate the STANDARD attained by a pupil in the subject matter covered in class in the preceding weeks.
Dates of cards are outlined on the school calendar
3. There are full-scale examinations at the end of the Christmas and Summer Terms. Reports are sent to parents giving examination results and comments by the Deputy Principal/Principal

Parents are afforded the opportunity of discussing all aspects of their son’s education in the school with class teachers at Parent-Teacher meetings during the course of the year or with the Deputy Principal at any time by appointment.

We attach a great deal of importance to Report Cards. Cards are returned to boys on the dates outlined in the school calendar. Please make sure you see them that evening and have them signed and returned

Each pupil is required to have and to use their homework journal on a daily basis. This should contain a record of both the Oral and Written assignments given by the teacher in class during the course of the day. Parents are asked to check the homework journal regularly.

Your son should be involved in some extra curricular activity – music, debates, sport etc. There is concern when a boy’s involvement is limited to attendance in class.

1. A high standard of dress and deportment must be maintained. The Deputy Principal is the judge of acceptable standards of dress and deportment.
2. Boys coming to school improperly dressed may not be permitted to attend class or school activities.
3. Hair should be neat and tidy. A boy wearing excessively long or excessively short hair or hair which has been bleached or dyed will be considered improperly dressed for class or activities associated with the school.
4. The wearing of jewellery, other than watches, whilst in school or involved in school activities is not permitted.
5. Except for games and PE, runners are not permitted during school hours unless excused by parents on medical grounds.
Parents have an important role to play in the maintenance of good standards of conduct and deportment. We ask for full co-operation in this matter.

We strongly recommend that all pupils should have their clothes and other property clearly marked to facilitate identification. Pupils must be held responsible for the care and security of their own property. The School authorities do not accept responsibility for loss or damage of pupils’ property – bicycles, radios, MP3 players, cameras, sports equipment, clothes etc. Parents are advised that these items can be readily insured under the normal household policy.

The school authorities should be given information of any medication, which a pupil must take on a regular basis. We strongly recommend that parents have appropriate medical cover in the event of injury or accident.

Willow Park First Year recognises and facilitates the parental/guardian role in the education of their sons.

The Parents Association, with its unique year committee structures, provides a vehicle for pro-active, participative involvement in the educational provision.

The application and progress cards, homework journal, end of term reports and newsletters inform on the pupils classroom performance, extra-curricular involvement and opportunities available.

The family liturgies are occasions for community prayer and endorsement of the school ethos.

The Deputy Principal , Pastoral Team and class tutors are available by appointment throughout the year for personal consultation.

Evening Seminars, Parent Retreats, Sports and Social Functions bring parents together, thus including them as valued members of the Willow Park First Year School Community.

Clothing List – School Sport

1. Grey Willow Park Pullover

2. Light blue shirt

3. Blue tie with crest

4. Grey trousers

5. Grey or navy socks

6. Black or brown leather shoes not boots, decks or runners

1. Willow blue and white reversible rugby jersey

2. Blue and white rugby socks

3. Rugby boots

4. White rugby shorts

5. Swimming togs and cap

6. White T-shirt, shorts & runners for PE
Please note

1. Anoraks or overcoats must be neat, conventional and acceptable. Army overcoats or denim type jackets and hooded sweatshirts are not considered such.

2. Jeans, denims, khaki, military-style dress, drainpipe and canvas trousers, boots and other unconventional types of clothing and footwear are not permitted.