Willow Park School

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Willow Park School First Year

Book List 2017/2018


Irish:                           Turas 1 (Educate.ie) Textbook and Workbook, provided in school in September.

                                    Briathra na Gaeilge – (Folens)

                                    Graimeár – Is Féidir leat – (Edco)

                                    Easy Learning Irish Dictionary - (Collins)

                                    A4 hardback copy

                                    2 copies


English:                      The Outsiders – S.E. Hinton

                                    Concise Oxford Dictionary (small size)

                                    A4 Ring Folder, margined A4 refill pad, 10 Manilla dividers, A4 Hardback copy

                                    10 clear plastic A4 pockets              


Maths:                        Maths in Action 1, Common Introductory Course. (Educate.ie).

                                    Authors: Glenn Brennan, Mary Daly, Jackie, Kaye.  

                                    Calculator, Casio fx 83ES

                                    Maths set, mathematical instruments including compass, protractor, set square                                     + ruler

                                    20 Poly pockets & ring binder


Religion:                     The New Jerusalem Bible – Pocket version

                                    **A Question of faith 3rd Edition– (EDCO) – Lori Whelan/ Niamh McDermott


                                    Zach, Fr Cormac O’Brolchain. Available in school 10euros.

                                    2 Hardback copies

                                    2 A1 Art Boards (blue or black)


History:                      The Past Today 3rd Edition - (Dermot Lucey)

                                    2 Hardback copies    


Geography:                Navigate – Junior Cert Geography – (Folens)

                                    1 Hardback copy – ruled.



 Science:                     Catalyst Book, Workbook, Keywords, Portfolio Book.    


                                    1 A4 Ring Binder folder + A4 poly pockets

                                    A4 Pad – feint ruled, A4 drawing Pad, 6 Manilla dividers for folder

                                    Hard back Copy A4.


CSPE:                        Make a DifferenceTextbook & Workbook (Folens), 4th Edition

                                    1 Hardback copy


Spanish:                      Que Pasa? 1

                                     Que Pasa? Diario de Aprendizaje.

                                     A4 hardback copy, copy, dictionary.

                                     (Choice to be made between Spanish and German after September)


French:                       Allons-y. Textbook and Workbook.(Educate.ie) .Provided in school in

                                    September.    .

                                    Chambers Harraps French School Dictionary – (C.J. Fallon)


                                    1 Hardback copy

                                    2 copies

                                    Pritt Stick & scissors

                                    Allons–y magazine Bring in €13 in envelope with name on first day


Business Studies:       Will be available in school in September


Latin:                          Cambridge Latin Course Book 1 – new edition – will be available for purchase in school in September


Art:                             The art materials below are required for September

                                    1 Drawing Pad (A3 size) – (Ringbound)

                                    Acrylic Paints – Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, White

                                    2 Brushes –

                                   1 Art Pencil Case (2 art pencils, 2B & 4B, ruler, eraser, sharpener, colouring pencils.)


Music:                         Ring binder & poly pockets


German:                    Abenteuer Deutsch 1

                                    Abenteuer Deutsch 1 Sprachpass.

                                    A4 hardback copy, copy, dictionary.

                                    (Choice to be made between Spanish and German after September)


Sundries:                    10 copies

                                    1 Set of coloured markers

                                    Refill Pad

                                    Compulsory School Journal available on first day




Books also available from:

·      School Supply Centre, Cranford Centre, Stillorgan Park Road and Rathfarnham shopping centre.

·      Opening Minds bookshop, Kilmacud Road and Patrick Street, Dun Laoghaire. www.openingminds.ie