Application Cards give an individual teacher’s assessment of the EFFORT made by a pupil during that week. The mark given is an indication of the quality of the class work, homework and co-operation of pupil.

Progress Cards are marked every four/five weeks. The marks based on class tests/assessments indicate the STANDARD attained by a pupil in the subject matter covered in class in the preceding weeks. Dates of cards are outlined on the school calendar.

There are full-scale examinations at the end of the Christmas and Summer Terms. Reports are sent to parents giving examination results and comments by the Deputy Principal/Principal.

Parents are afforded the opportunity of discussing all aspects of their son’s education in the school with class teachers at Parent-Teacher meetings during the course of the year or with the Deputy Principal at any time by appointment.

We attach a great deal of importance to Report Cards. Cards are returned to boys on the dates outlined in the school calendar. Please make sure you see them that evening and have them signed and returned.